Sometimes when miraculous things happen, I have that instant knowing that it is real and I am filled with awe. Example: I have always had a knowing that Hummingbirds are messengers to me from Sander, the Light Center dog who died many years ago. Some of you will remember him as he was a well loved dog, who lived most of his 16 years at TLC. A lovely vet came and put him to sleep right by the sweatlodge where I had dug a hole to bury him. As I lifted his limp body into the hole, a Hummingbird came directly to me. I knew it was a communication from Sander. Yesterday, I was in the garden, when a Hummingbird came to me, right to my hand. I immediately said “Oh hello Sander, I love you so much.” At that moment, the Hummingbird came back right to my face! I knew it was a reply from Sander. No question in my mind!

So why is it then that other things can be a bit harder to accept at true? I hear my self say, “I can’t believe it” when something wonderful happens. Or I will question whether something is really real. Example: Today when reconciling my checkbook, the bank balance is $511 higher than what I thought I had. I had been aware for some time that the balance seemed high in the bank ledger but kept thinking something hadn’t cleared, so I let it roll along. This morning I searched through the bank statements and everything seems to be accounted for and cleared. Hmmm, why then is it so difficult for me to accept my good, that I do in fact have an extra $500 that I wasn’t expecting? I can easily acknowledge that I make errors in adding or subtracting, but it has taken me quite a while to receive this money back into the flow.

Today I sit with the feeling of accepting my good, knowing that there is so much more that wants to come to me. I am the only one who keeps my good away from me. I am the only one who can let it in. I think I will go to the blackboard and write a hundred times, “I accept my good!”
Still learning,