Every morning the chickens jump right in to share the goat food with our new goats, Daisy and Holly.  The goats don’t seem to mind at all as long as they get to eat too!  It is really fun to watch the animals all over the farm and they share the space. One hen sleeps in an pen with the Guinea Hens every night; she was raised with them and maybe she thinks she is one of them. It feels like the animals have their own little community.

Also I love watching the Monarchs on the brightly colored flowers.  Such beauty and joy.  I hope they find their way to the milkweed to lay eggs.  I am reminded of visiting the butterfly trees every year when I lived in California, where the Monarchs come together like clockwork to clump.  That’s the only word for it that is descriptive.  The clump together so that the entire evergreen tree looks orange.

That is what we all need now.  To gather in clumps to bring our hearts and minds together to address all that is happening in the world around us.  The youth of our world are crying out to us to wake up and take action to address the crisis that faces us all.  They have my attention and I am determined to keep the conversation going.  How do we address all that faces our environment, our governance and our society?  I believe like th butterfly and animals we have instincts that will guide us.  We carry all of the answers within us and together we have powerful creative abilities.

Get yourself to gatherings of wide awake people who are responding from a place of deep love for this planet.
See you soon!