I am sitting with a more global perspective of our new president’s message to the world, “America first”.  I must wonder whether we could be thinking of the world’s majority population who do not live with the same standard of living we take so for granted in the U.S.  The Earth simply cannot provide the American lifestyle to the rest of the billions of people who are our fellow space travelers.  We are dependent upon Mother Earth to be our life support system and there is no mandate for us to be reckless with her resources.
In the part of South Africa where I am spending time right now, we are told in the news that there is enough water supply to last 100 days. Period.  It must rain or the reservoirs cannot provide water but this is not the rainy season here.  In fact it is a very hot and dry season.  Of course there are countries where water is already not available. The water pipes in the area where I am staying are very old and break regularly.  There have been 3 days during my stay that the water has been off so that repairs could be made.  Thankfully, they do repair the lines quickly. Think of that if you could not turn the tap and have water to drink let alone to wash.
The majority of the folks around me do not have a car.  I walk, just as they do, a good distance up to the shops and carry home heavy bags of groceries.  This trek can be quite daunting when the temperatures are over 90 or even 100!  You learn to manage and not walk on the hottest days.  There is no A.C. in this home, nor any of the others, and not even a fan.  It was like that when I was a child so I remember the drill…you simply must slow down!
We could close our doors and build higher walls so that we cannot see the way people live beyond the walls. Or we must ask ourselves whether we have the will to adjust our comfort level so as to conserve the Earth’s resources.  I have been reading a book by the comedian,Trevor Noah, called Born A Crime.  He was born of a white father and black mother during apartheid, which was against the law.  He sometimes enjoyed special treatment because of his light skin.  He says, “I learned how easy it is for white people to get comfortable with a system that award them all them all the perks.”  A profound thought.
Please today treasure the water that flows freely, the ability to warm or cool your home and the wifi at your fingertips.  There is a powerful perspective that comes when looking from this side of the sea.  I stand with all those who are seeking equality, peace and justice.
We have been given much and we have much to share,