I admit I came home to REST!! The Faerie Fair was a huge success with lots of faeries and elves running all over the place and busy activities all day long. What a joy to feel the enchantment of children (and adults) who truly believe in the presence of Nature Spirits. I love all of that but by the end of the day I was tired, so I am at home getting recharged. What happens for me when I take time to fully catch up with myself, the creative juices start to flow. So first thing this morning before I hit the floor to stretch or picked up the computer, I was going through gorgeous fabrics. That’s my goal for today, to get that sewing machine out and dusted off!

What I believe to be true is that there are amazing energy frequencies pouring into the planet that are here to help us co-create the world to be the highest and best way we can even imagine…or more. It does take settling down and opening up to receive the energies but they are flowing and are available to us all. There is much to tackle on this little blue planet, so of course all that we need to accomplish great change is right here for us now!

Yesterday I watched a film about Aaron Swartz, a creative genius who fought for the freedom of the Internet and became a target of much government scrutiny. He ended up taking his own life at the age of 27, but during his short life contributed a tremendous amount of inspiration for others. I was touched by this quote and hope you will breathe it in deeply as you create your world,