(photo: Tim and Anna at work!)
I hear the news and I know our Earth is at risk from many fronts right now and I feel the level of loss all around me. However, right in the midst of that I feel a determined groundswell of dedication of so many people to make the world a better place for all. That is the energy that gives me tremendous hope and keeps me going. Let’s tune in to that news too, it is so essential.

Last week an unexpected angel appeared at TLC. Tim is a vendor at the Maple Leaf Festival each year and he came in from Iowa the week before to be at another festival as well. He contacted my friend Stephanie who registers the vendors and asked where there might be a place for him to volunteer his skills and stay for the week in between the two festivals. She immediately connected him with TLC! Yay! Tim arrived ready to help out and put his great skills to work for us. OH MY! He put in two more windows in the Creation Station and patched all of the many cracks in that cement floor. Then he turned his attention to helping Tom and Anna rehab the OM building which has been needing attention for quite some time. The forward movement was so energizing for us all and gave us a huge leap ahead. Without deep pockets to draw from, I had thought those projects would take months to accomplish. Thank you angel Tim and all of the other capable hands who have helped make this happen. The energy of the Creation Station is calling to so many artists who want to see that space up and in the flow.

We also know that the arrival of Martin and Kelly Dowman this week is creating a surge of energy for us all. New possibilities are bursting forth and now we will have the leadership to guide the ship as Martin joins me at the helm. If you have not met them, please come join us on Sunday evening to catch the excitement! Right in the midst of some turbulent times there is magic being born. Spirit is on the move and birthing miracles all around us. We need to hold to that truth like a huge life raft and feel it pull us all higher where we can soar.

You don’t need a ticket, just climb on board & start paddling,