Events > 2018 > April > Raising Your Vibrations

About this event:

Created by Kelly Ludden

USD $40-$60

with Kelly Murphy, Tiana King & Casey Bodenhausen
10 AM to 3 PM

Cost $40 to $60 as you are able to contribute
Bring healthy food to share for lunch/snacks

Great energy is not only invaluable but it’s also contagious.
You have incredible power over your energy by means of raising your vibration and the ability to positively influence the energy around you, just by raising your vibration. In this retreat you will be provided with the knowledge and tools to feel empowered regardless of what is happening around you. You will learn about and get to experience for yourself, the powerful benefits of guided meditation, deep yoga breath work, spiritual dance, and much more.
Kelly, Casey and Tiana(pictured below) will bring to you the tools you need, based on their years of personal experience, to help empower you and to positively impact the environment around you.
Come catch their dynamic SPIRIT!

Please let us know you are coming
You may contribute at
or at the door.

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