Events > 2018 > December > Visioning for TLC Into an Expansive Future

About this event:

Created by Kelly Ludden

1542 Woodson Rd, Baldwin City, KS 66006, USA

Visioning for TLC
Into an Expansive Future

10 AM until 3 PM

Calling all lovers of TLC. The amazing transformation in the world today is so evident and filled with the unknown and known possibilities of drastic change. Saturday December 15th at 10am till 3pm the board members, passionate supporters, light workers, tenders of the land, retreat leaders and presenters are all invited to a TLC visioning session led by Martin Dowman who will be using the powerful tools shared by John Peterson, Futurist. This event will take us all on a ride to see what is on the horizon, guide us into awakening to what could happen. Then working together, this community will find ways to help us in this time, to not be surprised by what could be. We will work together on possibilities for known and unknown situations that could, if ignored, knock us off center. We will complete the process by co-creating a concise vision that is grounded in a way that we can all see, feel and speak this vision for TLC so we can share with with ease, because it is simply from our hearts.

If you have questions, contact Martin Dowman 512-431-6090