Events > 2019 > March > Grief Ritual: Let Your Heart Break Open so the Light Can Shine!

About this event:

Created by Kelly Ludden

The Light Center

Saturday, March 16th
10am – 4pm

Grief is normal. We all have it and even the old tired energy from childhood can continue to hide out for years and years.

Give yourself the gift of time to release the energy of grief and sorrow that is stored in your heart center. Our tendency is to keep that held tight within so that we don’t fall apart in front of others. Work, family and our culture cause us to keep going even when the grief feels very heavy. People expect us to be “fine” and back to normal, when deep within your heart may be filled with pain. Here is a time and place just for you, a safe place where others respect your courage to open your heart just as much as you are able.

Shannon Musgrave, gifted medium will share her perspectives and inspirations on afterlife.
Following the inspiration of the teachings of Sobonfu Some’, we will create a safe sacred space in the embrace of Nature where each of us can allow grief to flow in our own way.

Suggested Love Offering: $40-$60
Includes healthy lunch
Questions: or 785 255 4583