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About this event:

Created by Kelly Ludden

The Light Center 1542 Woodson Rd, Baldwin City, KS 66006

 Learn how to knit a beautiful Pi Shawl with Kit Dowman

May 25-26, 2019
$20 + $30 for overnight lodging in the barn

Upgrade your knitting skills with a fun, easy knitting project that builds on the fundamentals. Don’t worry, it only looks complicated!

The basics of this shawl is very simple, you only need to be able to work a knit stitch and yarn overs (a super simple increase), and be able to count. However, this is not a beginner course, and you do need to already have learned how to knit.

Join us for an overnight where we get to work on our Pi Shawls as late into the night as we want! We can knit indoors or out and enjoy the surroundings as we celebrate each other’s projects and get encouragement on our own project! Bring your own yarn and needles (details below) and some food to share for a potluck!

Materials list
Materials are simple, and this project can be worked in varying weights of yarn. Traditionally, it is knit in a very fine lace-weight yarn. If you want something easier, sock weight or DK yarn could be used. You could even use worsted or bulky weight, although this would produce something less like a shawl and more like a rug.

Lace-weight: size 4
Fingering/sock weight: size 6
DK weight: size 8
Worsted: size 11
Bulky: size 15 or larger.

You will want to have a fair amount of yarn to work with. It takes about 1,000 yards to make a full-size shawl like the one pictured above. If you want to make something smaller like a table cloth or a rug, you could buy 500 yards. You also do not have to buy the full amount of yarn. I am going to be working on a shawl made up of scraps of lace weight yarn I have used in previous shawls. Alternatively, you could buy two skeins of complimentary colors and make a striped shawl, in either skinny or wide stripes.

Lastly, you will need to have at least two different kinds of needles. I recommend a set of double-point needles for starting out. You begin knitting in the center and work your way out, so to start, you will only have 9 stitches. After a few increase rounds, you’ll have 72, and a small circular knitting needle will be enough to accommodate the stitches (either 16 or 24 inches, I would recommend 16 inches long).

Make plans to come and learn this new and pretty knitting technique with some hands-on focused attention from a skilled teacher, in a relaxed and peaceful environment.