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About this event:

Created by Kelly Ludden

The Light Center 1542 Woodson Rd, Baldwin City, KS 66006, USA
$49 - $79

First Annual Lawrence
Men’s Fellowship Network Retreat

The New Compassionate Male

In my view of the world there are people whom I would call “spirit carriers.” Servants who nurture the human spirit are spirit carriers. They serve to connect those who do the work of the world, or who are being prepared for that role, with vision from both past and contemporary prophets. Those servants find the resources and make the intensive effort to be an effective influence. They don’t just make speeches or write books as the prophet does. They are spirit carriers; they connect the prophecy with the people so that it changes their lives. The spirit is power, but only when the spirit carrier, the servant as nurturer of the human spirit, is a powerful and not a casual force.”  – Robert Greenleaf

The First Annual Lawrence Men’s Fellowship Network Retreat will be held at The Light Center September 6th& 7th

  • Workshops by: Clay Boykin (founder), Martin, Bill and more
  • Bonfire and gathering under the stars
  • Great food – including fresh food from the organic gardens
  • Comfortable beds – linens supplied

Registration includes bed with all linens, food and a great experience. 
Retreat plus a Bed in the Loft or Pacific Yurt – $49
Retreat with a private bedroom (only 2 rooms available) $79
Register: Click HERE