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About this event:

Created by Kelly Ludden

The Light Center 1542 Woodson Rd, Baldwin City, KS 66006


Happy 25th Birthday to The Light Center

Please join us for the celebration!

November 23rd

–  2:00 Hay Rides, Music, Visit the Creation Station

 –  3:00 Entertainment by Mark Gossman on the Gongs & Teri Wilder

 –  Video history of TLC and remarks by special guests!

 –  5:00  Pot Luck Supper

 –  After the Pot Luck, we will have a drum circle!  Bring your drums or noise makers!!

As we near the conclusion of our 25th year of existence as The Light Center, we think of all the amazing people who have created this magic.  We count you among those angels and hope that you will join with us in celebration.

Martin and Kelly Dowman have stepped into shared leadership with Robin Goff now and are providing dedicated service.  We have come to realize that we could keep a team of 10 people busy here all the time and are so very grateful for all of the volunteers who step forward to assist.

It is a good time to vision into the next 25 years, especially as our world changes rapidly and centers of LIGHT are needed more than ever.  It feels essential for us to come together in groups to support ourselves into the work of building the new world that we dream of.

Come see the miracle Creation Station, which was birthed from an old outbuilding and serves as a maker’s space for art.

If you will not be able to join us on the 23rd, please send your testimonial or special memories.  We will enfold you in our celebration.