Since we Americans are clearly the ones with all of the hotels on Boardwalk, this monopoly game is quite fun. So what does it take for more equalization to occur so that the ones sitting in jail and not even collecting their $200, don’t totally give up the game? It seems that it takes fire, flood and earthquake to awaken Americans to a deeper set of values that cause people to come together in mutual support. The possibility exists that we can wake up more gently and inspire one another to come into a deep radical place of caring. It would require a powerful shift in values. It is time to uncover and discover what really truly matters in this world, and go for it.

Some of you will know that I earned a Master of Arts in Values at San Francisco Theological Seminary. The stated goal of that program was to create “change agents”. There were no want ads for that profession and so it involved stepping out to create the unknown path. Now I sit here knowing that I have been preparing a space for others to step in to lead the way forward. The roots go deep at TLC and it will not blow away in the wind. While I continue to hold the deeply embedded essence of this transformative center, I now turn to those younger than I to take up the yoke and guide the way ahead. What is it that you value in your deepest core? What is it that TLC has been and can be for you? If you cannot join us in person on Saturday, please take a moment right now to send your thoughts by email. Your ideas matter. This oasis of Light is here for you. Please add the powerful gifts you bring into this rich conversation of possibilities.

It’s easy, just grab the baton and run with all your heart,