We closed on the new property here at TLC just over 3 weeks ago and already there are native grasses and alfalfa seeded on the fields. It was truly magic the way this all came together in perfect timing. The Parks and Wildlife department agreed to do a cost share with us to purchase the Native Grass seeds, which are very expensive in these quatities. What an unexpected gift that was. We managed to buy non-GMO alfalfa seed from NE and get it here in time to plant as well. Richard picked up the bags of seed and drove them to TLC. Two neighborhood farmers brought their tractors and worked tirelessly to get the seed in on Thursday and Friday while the land was dry enough to work. Then, like magic, the rains started to fall gently all weekend. So many pieces to come together in perfect timing! Phew! There is so much assistance all around us!!

Trust that! Yes, the energies are intense and many people are experiencing great turmoil in their lives. However, many people are setting out to make drastic changes too. We are having a steady stream of people seeking to make sense out of this crazy culture in which we live. Those who are sensitive are especially challenged to deal with such chaotic times. I am inspired by the ways people are fighting their way out of addictions and reconnecting to the truth that is still there deep within. Whatever your path at this time, please know that all the guidance and assistance you need is right at hand.

Even angels need to be invited to assist, just reach out and ASK.
The magic abounds,