I often think of the intense love and respect the indigenous people have carried in their hearts. Those groups who have lived solely off of what they could hunt and gather, had a profound connection to all that lived in the environment that fed them. I remember Grandmother Rita, of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, who gathered with us in a small group at TLC. She told us stories of how she could remember as a small girl when she learned that you could buy food. She said that up until the “others” came her people did not even grow food, they would hunt and gather what Nature provided. She watched as the new people had no respect for the sacred mountain and built their church there. Prior to that it was treasured as holy land but then the buildings started to spring up and everything changed. I understand that times have changed and we are not likely to return to that early way of life, but can we possibly regain that level of love and respect for our Earth home?

The Light Center truly is here for the love of all of Nature and you can feel that right now the moment you step on the ground. The work day was inspiring as people of all ages worked all over the farm, much like a flock of Earth angels had landed! I have been tending the Faerie-land by the barn in preparation for the Faerie Fair. That may sound frivolous to some but for us there is a deep connection to the spirits that work with all of Nature and the amazing intelligence that is present there. TLC embraces a strong intention to work sensitively with Nature in every way we can. It is learning curve and requires that each of us take the time and care to listen to the voices of the plants and critters who share this little farm. Just maybe the magic of the Faerie-land will inspire some children to open to the magic that is all around them. There is no app for that!

TLC has called for support as we emerge from the muddy mess that the winter dealt out and you have responded. There is new gravel on the driveways and everything feels fresh and new. Wait until you see!!

May the faeries dance in your garden and whisper in your heart,