I just keep hearing from so many people about the changes going on so rapidly. These are intense times and we all are being pushed to the max in every area of life. Don’t you feel that?

So I am taking a moment to breathe and share this story with you as I think of it every year at this time, just before our first hard freeze. It is about a friend I was visiting as the hospice chaplain. She was awesome and was in a wheelchair, unrelated to the illness that was taking her life. We were planning her memorial service together and she was sharing poems, songs, etc. with me. I asked her if there was one thing that she would want me to share with her friends and family. She was quiet and thought hard. Finally she responded and wanted me to ask them to “go outside and enjoy the last of the marigolds.”

So that is my message to you today. Stop and notice the small things. The end of summer things. The last green tomatoes to fry. The last remaining annual flowers.

The harder the universe is pushing us the greater the need to stop in our tracks whenever we can and enjoy all the beauty around us.