As we all grow in our telepathic abilities it will be the game changer we need now more than ever.  When we can communicate with each other and all aspects of the Earth, there is no more “fake news” as we know the Truth more directly.  Our indigenous brothers and sisters have know how to live in greater balance with our environment and all species for thousands of years.  If they can do it so can you and I.  It is a means of survival that would serve us well as the climate changes and affects us in so many ways.

I brought Patricia Sun to the Unity center in Prairie Village years ago.  She is a great teacher and I remember her saying,in paraphrase, “You may as well start acting as if others can read your mind, because that is where we are going, and some people already can.”  Wouldn’t that change everything, if you knew you were accountable for every thought?  Since we know our thoughts are creative, it makes sense to keep constant scrutiny of our thoughts all the time.  Not an easy task but so important as we choose the world we want to be creating.

I recently picked up Machaelle Small Wright’s Behaving as if The God in All Life Mattered.  I had read it maybe 30 years ago, and rereading lit me on fire.  She describes how to work with the intelligence of Nature in the garden as co-creators.  Now if you don’t garden, that’s okay too, this concept will apply to every aspect of life on Earth.  It is all about bringing energy into form which applies in every aspect of manifestation.  The key is that we don’t have to do this alone.  There is so much help from the unseen helpers all around us.  Stretch your mind to take that all in and receive the help that is right here now.  We have a large project on the table now and every one of us is needed now so that we can adapt rapidly to live on this planet.

I have been saying for some time now that the iPhone is a great tool to assist us to become telepathic.  Embracing the concept that every bit of information you need is in your hand is huge.  For the children, it is like training wheels for them to expand into the awareness that they have access to all of the information they need using their minds.  Don’t you already see that in the young ones around you?  And I see it more in my own life.  Things manifest almost beyond my ability to believe it.  As Patricia Sun would say, “You have to Be Live it!”

In recent sessions with Helen Yamada, my very gifted teacher and mentor, I have had insights coming about telepathy.  One key is that you already know how to do it.  Image in your mind a moment with your dog or cat, when you gaze into their eyes and feel the depth of that connection without words.  I had that experience gazing into the eye of a dolphin and I will never forget that feeling.  It is a short leap to then apply that same feeling to communicating with all beings, plants, animals, earth, and each other.  This skill will be essential as the Earth changes.

The politics, pandemics, storms and energies from the stars are rocking our world hard now, so keep your feet planted firmly on Earth as we ride it out together.  Put your phone down and dial into the assistance that is all around you right now.

So grateful for the ride,