Every time I listen to the dramatic changes in our climate around the world, it is another wake-up call, as if I keep hitting the snooze alarm and go back to sleep.  As things change more and more rapidly around us, we are in the fortunate position of being able to continue life as usual with plenty of food, water and energy to go around.  Thinking of people and places where that is not the case can feel like watching an abstract story on the news.  Some people have no drinking water, no food or ability to stay cool as the temperatures rise.  It is so easy to continue our American lifestyle unchanged as if someone else will do something to address the rapidly changing world around us.  What if each of us started making small changes without waiting to be forced to do so.

Spending the day this past Saturday with Catherine and Phillip Martin was a breath of fresh air for us all.  Their stories of living off the grid in Hawaii were inspiring for all of us.  I am not suggesting that Americans need to adopt a primitive lifestyle, but what if each person would voluntarily make some adjustments to the way we live, in a proactive way.  That would mean things like conserving fresh water without waiting for a drought.  Avoiding wasting food despite the overabundance we experience.  Or what if we could use more care about using energy, like fewer car trips or turning the A.C. down a few degrees?

There are so many areas of our world that need to change so that things can work better for all people and for Mother Earth herself.  Our money-free exchange markets (Community Exchange System) are one small step in that direction.  People in the past generations, and not so very long ago, have known how to live closer to the Earth with much less use of resources.  Trading our talents with one another is just one of many ways that we can begin to respond to a changing world and the needs of others around us.

Is this a wake-up call?  You bet and it is going out to every one of us.  For myself, I choose to stop hitting the snooze alarm.  I want to be around other people who are also choosing to make intentional life-style changes.  That is energizing and energizes new ideas in all of us.

Join in, it is time,