This strange critter is a Tomato Hornworm covered with cocoons of the cocoons of the braconid wasp, his predator. While the Hornworm is good at exfoliating my tomato plants, this wasp is equally good at killing the Hornworm. I have heard of this happening but this is the first time I have seen them in the garden. It is a matter of allowing Nature to do her work and I don’t need to do a thing but watch.

I have felt that same process in our new garden where I have watched amazing food grow without being watered. The only way we could water these plants is by hauling jugs of water out there and during the July drought it just wasn’t possible to provide adequate water, or so I thought. The plants not only made it through the drought but were amazingly prolific! I kept holding the crystal in the center of the garden and asking for assistance because I was not able to much for these plants.

Today I was out there in that same area which feels so magical, and I happened to look up from what I was doing on the ground. There are a zillion Monarchs and other pollinators at work all over this field which touches my heart. Then I noticed many dragonflies flying all around just above the plants and a flock of birds, maybe sparrows, circling above there. Then I looked higher and there was an enormous flock of seagulls flying high above it all and a few Turkey Vultures in the mix. What a lot of activity out there and I was so glad I stopped to look up! Mother Nature is busy doing all kinds of things I don’t even understand, and my only job is to trust that and let go into her loving arms.

For me this is where I feel the most intimate connection with the powerful forces that abound and I welcome the reminders that all is being managed beyond my wildest imagination.
So grateful for all of the assistance,