Saturday night was baby Mikhail’s first visit to TLC since birth and what a wild ride he has had to get to this point. Many of you know Carlotta and Shaun who lived at TLC for a couple years, where they met and fell in love. Carlotta experienced the most difficult pregnancy and there were times that we wondered how she and the baby could survive. The labor and delivery were equally challenging and Mikhail was not breathing at birth. Now he is the most beautiful little angel and the smiles in this photo are worth the waiting. All we know for sure is that Mikhail is a little warrior and has had great determination to live and grow. Won’t it be fun to see what he brings to the world? Welcome warrior!
Listening to Matthias on Saturday, the message is clear that we can all choose to live in the miracles that we want to claim. Instead of dwelling on how difficult the way ahead may seem, it is more productive to feel into the way we want things to be. So we truly can live in the miracles that we want to see.

I held an image of 4 circles of vining crops on the new land, but there was no watering system out there yet. So when July took us into deep drought and heatwave, it seemed the plants would all dry up and die. But Mother Nature had other ways that I could even imagine and she created the most amazing fruits and veggies EVER. When yet another rainstorm would by-pass our area, I would walk out expecting to see dead vines and instead I would carry in arm fulls of melons, cukes, gigantic squash and pumpkins.
We may as well surrender into holding the highest visions for our world and release all the negative stories that we invent. If everyone who reads this today commits to living only in the miracles what an enormous impact that will be.
Welcome Mikhail, welcome magical produce and welcome new world.
My name is Robin and I am a hopeaholic!