Photo:  Students from Caledon, near to where I am staying, who are part of a marching band.  They do not have many resources to work with but manage to place in the top 3 at competitions.  These kids don’t read music, they simply play by ear and have a natural musical ability.

Looking for the Light

For those of you who have not seen the little journal I made for 2017, here is a bit of what I wrote for this January:
“ I do not need to see the way ahead to know where the journey will take me.
I only need to see just as far as my headlights will shine.
And again as far as my headlights will shine…
and shine…and shine…
There is always more Light.”
In this time when the darkness is coming up to the surface to be revealed and healed, this sentiment may be just what we need.  When things seem too complicated to make sense and you feel bombarded by complex issues, the only way is to reach for more Light.  I have experienced some of this here in S.A. recently and I know you have also in America.  Things seem almost too complex to grasp and it can be a struggle to see how to move ahead.  I have decided that all of the competitiveness, jealousy and inability to work together must now become history.  We are forging a new future and so right here in the NOW there may be no roadmap.  It can be overwhelming to try to figure out how to solve issues and what to do first.
I spent one night this week, awake in the middle of the darkness and had an amazing experience of drinking in the Light.  Once I turn my thoughts to my highest guidance, the assistance is tangible and immediate.  Following that moment, I found things began to flow with greater ease and grace.
We are visioning to birth a community band here in RSE and there is a lot of support for the concept.  I know from experience that there can be complex issues that arise to attempt a project where the community works together as one. Yes, apartheid left its scars but I chose to believe this project can flow with ease and that people can step up to work in oneness.  A band can be a positive force to bring people together, where they have previously become divided by many forces.  It is time for harmony!
At this stage in our growth as a human family, I choose to keep my belief focused on the youth who carry less baggage of old systems that separate us and tear us apart.  I will gladly follow them into a world that embraces more Light.
Carry on kids,