I just love our chickens. I have raised them from baby chicks and have had some of them for several years. This week we have lost 6 of them to possum attacks. We keep patching up under the coop, thinking we can keep them out but they find new weak spots to work their way in. I caught one in the act, at dusk still in daylight and went ballistic as this small possum chewed away on one of my sweet hens. I took him for a long ride in the country and hope he has found a new home far away. Doesn’t seem like a big deal but my heart hurts as if I had lost a pet. There is also a nest of squirrels in the roof of the barn with babies. It is necessary to allow them to grow up a few weeks in order to entice them into a live trap and move them to a new home. And then there is the issue of heating with wood and coming to the end of the wood piles, just as we sink down into single digits again. Hmmm. Yes, Martin and Theo did cut some wood Sat. in the cold, but the splitter we were borrowing was not running and hence that big job has to wait. And of course the driveway is almost impassible. There is a guy coming to take a look at emergency repairs but it will be costly! So blah, it has been a rough week!

It feels so huge when challenging things happen and yet looking at the news and global weather disasters, it falls into perspective. All of the things above reflect the prolonged cold and wet winter, which hasn’t been fun but better than a drought, right? It is time that we are learning to be more adaptable and resilient. When a whole area is wiped off the earth by flood, fire or tornado somehow the survivors go on. What else can you do? But the heaviness in your heart continues from the multiple losses. How then do we all learn to navigate these days in which we witness unprecedented loss? It is clearly about pulling together in support and working diligently to clear out the energy of sadness. The pain in my heart resonates with yours and with all of the pain on our planet. It is good to recognize that when it all feels heavy,there is a reason. There’s a lot going on out there!

Let’s join together as we learn to navigate a rapidly changing world.
It is the only way ahead,