It seems to be a time when the swings of the pendulum have gotten pretty extreme. That means we are in a time of accelerated and heightened polarities. It is the dying of the age of Pisces where everything is in duality. It looks like everything is separted into good/bad, love/hate, conservative/liberal, etc. in constant battle for our attention and energy. If you look one way, everything looks perfectly awful and if you look the other way, it seems just awesome. It can make us feel split, preoccupy our thoughts and take us on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Take my younger sister’s family. On the one hand, her husband has been going through enormous health challenges with quadruple bypass surgery and on-going struggles with blood clots. Turn the other direction and look at her one daughter getting married this weekend and the other daughter got engaged last week. Is it a good time or a bad time? It is of course both at once. It is life happening full speed ahead.

We can continue to label everything as good or bad, or we can move ahead into embracing all that life is presenting to us at this time of change. The answer can be yes and yes. We can see it all and we can expand enough to embrace it all as what is happening now. A pendulum doesn’t just swing back and forth, it actually will spin. To encompass all that is going on, perhaps it is essential for us to expand more than we ever thought possible. Can we be big enough to contain it all with an open heart and mind? In that expanded place, there is a calmness. There is enough space for Spirit to move in and create the magic, which can contain all of the polarities.

When the pendulum swings into a circle, it includes us all,