(Photo by Kisa Nichols Miller)

You are needed right now, to create a powerful stream of Unconditional Love energy to infill this planet. There is much happening now that puts our Earth at risk. Let’s not argue about what causes what or who did what damage to humans, animals and soil. We have no time for that. Let’s not create a huge fight in which we zap all of our energy in hatred, anger and retaliation. We have no time for that. The Earth needs every ounce of your attention to be focused on bringing more Love in and through you right now.

Yes, I know, there is a truckload of grief all around you and rage as well. These powerful emotions must be allowed to move out in a good way. Held inside of you they can create dis-ease in your body and building these emotions creates a war inside of you. We have no time for that. Anger and grief are a normal response to things happening around you, but let them move through. Keeping these powerful emotions inside to fester, can preoccupy your thoughts and your thoughts are creative.

We only have one job now. If you are reading this, you are here to be a powerful channel for Love. Get yourself around people who expand that in you. Get out in these glorious blue sky days of autumn leaves and breathe in the beauty. Hold a baby or an animal, whatever it takes to open your heart. Meditate, pray or whatever helps you to seek to be only Love expressing.

We have all the time in the world for that,