I always remember Steven Levine’s definition of grief as a “homesickness for God”.  When in that space of loss, sorrow and despair that definition really makes sense.   Any healing is truly about reconnecting and that is what The Light Center is all about.  Lately we have had a steady stream of people coming forward, searching for something that they maybe could not even name.  Sometimes they had no where else to go, no one to turn to in the moment of disconnection.  I think our world is FULL of that.  Sometimes it is named depression. Sometimes it is climbing up out of that deep drug-induced pit that feels bottomless.  Whatever has sent someone into that space of disconnection the only way out of it is to seek re-connection.  But how can we do that, just at the time it feels least possible?

For me the very best medicine is to get myself in Nature.  That is where I find my deepest connection to Spirit.  I remember after my divorce, Sunday afternoons were the worst.  I felt all alone with no family.  So I would take my dog out to the woods and walk and walk.  Gradually I would be captivated by the beautiful afternoon and some treasure I would find along the way.  I would begin to forget what was troubling me and my spirits would lift. The movement of my body plus the movement of Spirit through my heart would clear out the denser energies. I could go on my way without that heaviness of the grief and loss.

Homesickness is an icky feeling that we can all remember from childhood.  But there is magic out there.  Trust the process. Grab your cup of coffee and sit in the backyard, or the park at the end of the road, or join us on 95 magical acres of woods.  Find yourself or lose yourself.  Spirit never leaves us, we simply get disconnected from it.

Plug in,