Are you feeling the upsurge in the energies at this time, as the rain gives way to gorgeous sunny weather? The sun and new moon are both in Virgo which gives us this surge of clean up and get organized energy. I am itching to get into the gardens and grounds to clean up, as the soggy mud is drying and the Earth is calling to me. On this early Monday morning as I write, I am feeling a huge wave of the support of community.

It has been a week of many committed people bringing their talents and creativity to improving the world around us. Clay, Martin and Theo have been working all week on cleaning, painting and re-energizing the farmhouse. On Saturday, the CES was a full day of self care and exciting connections with awesome folks connecting with each other. I feel so energized by many of them who are offering to help out at TLC.

On Sunday, Rich and I spent a very full day with the Kaw Permaculture Farm Tour with 40 other Earth addicts. We were so inspired by people who are learning and practicing all they can to regenerate the soil so that we can begin to restore the nutrients in our food. It is a huge task but being with so many other folks dedicated to that process was truly energizing. It was beyond inspiring to see the Fuller Farm where they have restored a family farm that was growing conventionally for generations. They have completely changed the way they graze their animals and grow crops to heal the soil. The learning curve is steep but they have inspired me to keep on, knowing that a clear intention is always the most powerful tool for change. Pouring love into the Earth is something everyone of us can do every day, no matter where we are.

Feel in to the amazing surge of power that is coming from millions of people all over the planet who are fully dedicated to finding new, better ways to do everything! Fall clean up energies are in full gear and you are surrounded by a community of people making enormous waves of change.

Surf’s up and the ride is exhilarating! Hang Ten!!