Share Your Story

Where were you in 1994?  Twenty five years ago I was a young mother in Kansas City.  I had three kids, nine, seven and two years old.  As people liked to tell me in the grocery store, my hands were full!  Now, I look back on those days and they seem like a lifetime ago.  Those children are all grown up, they have children of their own.  It’s amazing to think back and reflect on how much things have changed!

Take a minute and think back to where you were in 1994.  Where did you live?  Where did you work?  Where did you go to school?  Notice how much different your life is now than it was then; how many things have changed?

What’s my point?  We are coming up on a big moment in the Light Center’s history–this November 23rd will be the twenty-fifth anniversary of the existence of the Light Center.  We are planning a big retrospective event to honor Robin Goff and celebrate all the lives and moments she has touched.

So twenty-five years ago, while I was taking kids to soccer practice, Robin and many volunteers were out here rehabilitating the old barn from the ramshackle building it was to the beautiful space it is now.  They were hauling trash by the truckload off the land.  The stories are amazing.

I know that everyone has a story when it comes to the Light Center, and we would love to hear yours. You can write stories of your time at the Light Center, or create a video and upload insert a link in your story.  Amazing stories, funny stories, touching stories, we want them all!

We will be using as many of these stories as we can in the celebration on November 23rd.  If you can, make plans to attend.  But either way, upload your stories and help us create an amazing event honoring Robin and all the ways she has made a difference in the lives of everyone she meets.

Gratefully,  ~Sunny