It is easy to declare 2017 The Changing Year and yet with that comes the tough decisions of how and what we must yield to change.  We have just completed our Camp Ubuntu this weekend with 32 most amazing youth.  Originally the camps took a great deal of leadership by adults.  Then gradually we made the transition to the camps being led by International Youth Ambassadors who had years of leadership training through the Youth of Unity.  We bring 2 IYA’s with us from America and then they work with some South African youth leaders.  This year, Ava and Zander stepped up to the total planning and leadership of the camp with some well qualified S.A. youth and the adults were simply here to hold the space for them.  Now we are ready for the next step which will be the S.A. young leaders will create the curriculum, plan camp and do the leadership of the event.  The baton has been passed and it is thrilling to see the young people step up.
For myself, I see that it is time to turn over the camp to younger folks and step back.  My reality is that I have worked my way out of my role and can set it free.  Martin and Kelly Dowman are very experienced with youth events and can very capably mentor the youth as leaders.  It feels sad to me to no longer experience the magic of these kids as they emerge from shyness into the confident leaders they truly are.  I am willing to feel the sadness as I coax myself to let go into what seems absolutely right.  I will always hold dear the moments from this camp as self taught musicians played the piano while groups gathered to join their most beautiful voices and harmonies.  Their fun, laughter and growth is enough to last me forever.
I also see that many of my grandmother sisters here have moved from town to be with their children and grandchildren and so many of my besties are no longer here.  That too is a huge shift calling for me to let go into the flow of change.  I am considering what is mine to do now.  Do I continue to travel here?  Do I change the how, what and when of what I do?  I don’t have the answers, but I know that making the choice to never come again would be so sad that I am not there yet!  I have more unanswered questions and my love of this place and people is intense.  I will use the Changing Year to assess how to move forward and I know I will be guided, as always, to right action.
How can we expect the world to change unless we each wrestle with our own personal changes?  I will step up to the challenge of change.  There is no other way for the newness to pour forth into the world we are beckoning.  Please join me to bring it on!
Doors closing, doors opening…I walk through,