Perhaps this week especially it doesn’t look like it, but the old dominant masculine form of power is struggling for its last breath and the feminine aspect of power is surging to claim its equality.  Everywhere I look I see signs of male dominant attitudes, that in-your-face, rule-by-might style of interacting.  It somehow seems to be intertwined with a deeply held ethic of separation between sexes, races, colors, religions, nationalities and more.  Separation is always at the core of any dis-ease and it is crying out for mending.  How do we mend those fragmented places in each of us that react to the triggers that are bombarding us now?
I feel the feminine aspect of my nature quivering a bit lately.  I was standing next to a young girl I know while an older man hit her repeatedly in her face and head.  I felt the outrage and spoke of course but knew that my words meant little to this man.  I often react to male dominant actions with a feeling of smallness, like a little girl. My eyes brim with tears and I wonder why I feel helpless rather than angry outrage?  I believe it is habitual and is a pattern held deep in my DNA from times past of being killed for being a powerful woman and healer.  I strongly believe that the feminine in all of us is pushing forth and will not be beaten back this time around.  When the part of me that quivers, reaches for its true source of strength, I am emboldened.  I need not turn to lashing out with spiteful counter attack from the wounded masculine in me.  Rather I pull in more power from Source that melds my masculine strength to the flow of feminine power.  There is no match for that.  There is nothing stronger than the force born from pure love.
Today, I drink in the powerful energy that pours over me from the hills that surround me.  I know our ancestors walked these wild hills in times past when there was greater balance.  I strive for that and I vision that for this world.
May the power of the heart mend the separation in us all,