It occurred to me that I sit in a unique place where I get to meet the most amazing people. TLC has been extremely busy with lots of people coming forward to help out. I want to share some of those people so that you also can be inspired by the people who are out there overcoming this planet with LIGHT.

The following is from recent wwoofer, Kim Muhammad. I can totally see her in her own garden growing lovely food!

“In 2017, a few days after being honest enough with myself to admit that I’d love a career or life that allowed me to follow my great passion of growing foods and flowers, I began my online search for work opportunities on farms. That led me to the WWOOF USA website.

The Light Center, my 5th farm stay, allowed me to see how one woman’s vision continually comes to life step-by-step, day-by-day. Robin, a true follower of “The Light” operates a very special center that, in addition to the large garden on the property and animal farm, serves as a retreat for individuals or groups wanting to get away from the busy-ness of every day life and spend time close to nature, relaxing and becoming better connected with the path of “light” and healing in their own lives.

I enjoyed my stay and am more inspired to continue on my path to see how my vision of owning or operating a farm or large healing garden will manifest. Robin’s example confirms for me that it will happen as a step-by-step, day-by-day process, trusting “the spirit” and that all works out perfectly at the right times”.

And in case you need another dose of inspiration, I received the most heartwarming communications from Francois LeRoux, the HaMan, from South Africa, and his wife Joke, upon the birth of Mira. They do plan to travel to the U.S. and join us here for an expression of poetry and music in September.

Here is a bit from Francois:
“every day that passes she is one day older. we are now at day ten. incredible how much life there already is.. however, I keep reminding myself that she is not ten days old, but nine months plus eight days. her character has been formed in all its essence already the day she was conceived. we may organize birthday parties, but we tend to miss the real celebration: the coming together of a tiny sperm and a tiny egg, the ultimate marriage of the male and female, the original dance of procreation. forget the stars and moons and the stories of fishes and water carriers and bulls. we are mainly made by those generations of actual and full human beings who came before us. we carry their marks, their traits, we carry part of the stories of our mother’s and father’s (and grandparents’) lives. for instance, my mother practiced the piano profusely and my fingers took something on of that, so I was born with a natural knack for the keys. and so will Mira show tendencies and talents that are actually influenced by the very things Joke and I kept ourselves busy with up to now. what an earth-shattering responsibility it is to make children! and yet it is also so natural and deceptively simple, that we can easily fool ourselves thinking that other powers and signs – even the poor baby itself – is mostly responsible for the main themes and traits of their characters.
every day she changes a little. and so her life will bring on new phases until the day she leaves us, until our parenting is over. if we do not keep flowing ourselves, if we harbor little idealizations within ourselves (“she will always remain my little baby daughter”) we’ll get stuck when her movement takes her forward, or we can even cause her to get stuck too – with all the misery and possible long term damage it often leads to. no, let’s keep flowing! every evening is a final goodbye to that particular day. and every morning something new is born.”

I am so blessed by touching heart and mind with so many Light-carriers and I pass that on to you. You are the Light of hope in this world,
Robin, Hope-aholic