For the last week and a half, Martin and I have been in Colorado for a series of meetings and also for some lovely recreational time. I am so grateful for this, both for the change of scenery and the relaxation, and for the change in perspective that these new places and people have been offering me.

I was in a meeting with leader in the Youth of Unity movement a few days ago, and they talked about appreciating the little moments.

They called them the “awe moments”. Those are the moments that strike you with awe, the moments that take your breath away, that stop you in your tracks and make you take notice of your surroundings.

I was on a hike in the foothills of the Rockies and had one of those moments. The high blue sky, the breeze, the sound of the birds and bugs talking to each other in the distance, the light, the crunch of the rocks and dirt beneath my feet as I walked. All my senses were alive. I came to a standstill in the middle of the trail and just took it all in.

Today, another moment like that: a circle of people, talking, each face lovely in its own way. Colors of clothing chosen with care, or not; some people dressed to attract attention, some to repel attention. Hair of all different colors, or no hair at all; skin smooth or wrinkled with years and sun. The loveliness of all these people, and love for them, even though I didn’t even know some of their names, just washed over me.

Right now: softly dripping rain turning all colors more vivid than their usual selves. Dandelion heads, gone to seed, clumping together with the moisture. Birds darting by on some urgent mission. People walk by, bundled up against the chill and rain. Music plays in my little dry warm space here where I am writing, and I am grateful to be inside out of the damp and chill. Every so often, a snowflake falls amidst the raindrops.

I saw a sign in a coffee shop the other day which read, “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things.”

We have the choice in every now moment to stop and turn it into an awe moment by beholding our surroundings, ourselves, our circumstances, with appreciation and gratitude. Even the most mundane things can be awe moments; a toasted bagel, the sun streaming through the window, warm socks on a cold morning.

Try it. What can you find to appreciate right now? Keep stringing these moments together. These really are the big things.