What a wet and snowy winter we have had! And with all the moisture comes lots and lots of driveway challenges! We have been working on it and good news is that you can now drive in and out!! We have invested $1500 in this project already and it has only just begun! The issue is that the soil has to be fully dry in order to do the dirt moving that needs to happen. Will that be August?? But we have worked on some of the key issues to re-direct water flow and have all our fingers crossed!!

We’re adding a link right here to take you to our website where you can make a donation. Any donation, large or small (or large! ?) would be gratefully appreciated. We need to raise $3,000 to fix this muddy, sloppy, slippery, messy driveway and create a safe, stable and dry pathway for all of you to travel as you come visit us here at the Light Center!