There have been days lately that felt like fall. The pumpkins are ripe and ready for harvest, leaves are falling from the exhausted trees an everything is burned to a crisp as if it were August. I found myself thinking of back to school days as a child and with the new school schedules it is indeed time to think about it. I remember penny loafers and bobby socks. It feels like a fairy tale time before we were in the midst of such pressure of climate changes, political strife and economic pressures. In the 5o’s of my childhood we lived in a magical dreamworld in which it seemed that resources would never run out and the American Dream could be a reality for everyone.
Now I ponder a culture in which suicide is prevalent even among our teens and seemingly successful professionals. In Kansas the suicide rates are up 45%! It is an important thing to ponder and to talk about in safe circles. Why do we have this epidemic of suicides in our country?
One of our guests from South Africa was talking with me about American youth. I asked her what she had observed during her visit here that made American teens seem different from South African. She very seriously said, “I believe they do not have self esteem.” What a powerful observation! We can all contemplate the issues, behaviors and realities that may have eroded the self esteem of our young people.
TLC is creating a safe space next weekend for people to come together and talk about their personal experiences of living with suicide. It is our hope to provide an opportunity to talk openly about a topic that is often shunned. It is our humble intention to provide some mutual support to allow people to find ways to thrive even while walking with this difficult experience.
Please do join us or tell your friends who are dealing with any aspect of suicide. If you are not joining us then please do surround us all in your love and prayers,
Go to the Thriving While Living with Suicide event page to learn more.