The level of joyful excitement at TLC on Saturday night was high as we expanded the Light into 60 additional acres of land. The house was packed and love filled our hearts. We were blessed to have leaders of the K.C. Ubuntu Tribe join in this celebration (see them on FB) and the synergy was intense. Ubuntu is the ancient African ethic of each person having meaning in the context of the community. It is something we have been absorbing in South Africa over the 15 years we have been involved there, and it could be seen as the direct opposite of the prevalent American culture. There is a ground swell of interest in embodying Ubuntu as a culture of Contributionsim. The young adult population is ready, willing and able to make a rapid change into a new way of living. The time is now and our hearts are yearning for deeper connection and meaning.

Ubuntu means that each person brings their life’s purpose to the community and the entire group supports them to fully embody that. A simple way to convey that is the one who goes out to hunt for food is as important as the one who gathers the firewood and tends the fires, and as the one who stirs the soup. When each plays out their role, then everyone will eat. Everyone contributes freely so that the community flourishes.

We have been living a mini version of that at TLC for all of these 23 years as an all-volunteer organization. While Richard and my son John and his wife have made the purchase of the new land possible, the place remains in a long term lease to the non-profit, The Light Center. That means it belongs to us all and is available as a sacred healing space for everyone. Welcoming the Ubuntu Tribe brings us a deeper sense of hope for the future of this world. People are awakening to the possibilities of living in ways that are unbounded by the heavy blanket of the economic and political systems that can feel suffocating. The truth is that we are resourceful, intelligent and vibrantly hopeful people who can create all that we can imagine and more.

In the spirit of Ubuntu, I am because we are,