Here’s what we heard from Paige Bradshaw, former WWOOFer (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms):

I am currently serving in the Peace Corps in Madagascar as a secondary school English teacher in a large town in the central highlands. As I have been reflecting about my motivation for leaving everything I knew behind for over 2 years, I can definitely attribute my time at TLC as more than influential. Meeting Robin, Jai Maa, Renee, and all the others that participated in the wonderful workshops that were offered at TLC and all around Kansas, opened up my awareness to the network of people that are willing to put others before themselves with their work. It was truly inspiring and I am still tremendously grateful for the connections I made while I was there in 2015. Your work has inspired me to realize my path and I hope that my work will someday inspire someone else to follow their dreams as well.
The photo is with my host mom and counterpart Aline, and her daughter, Dina, who also teaches English and so is a great help.