Our planet has experienced a wide-spread mixture on all levels of species including plants, animals, insects and humans. These wonderful faces you see here are all the product of generations of mixing of cultures as early explorers, conquerors and colonizers have joined DNA with the original Khoisan who lived peacefully in these hills.  Me too.  While my ancestors were of the Mayflower generation, my DNA is thoroughly mixed with many nationalities.  If we all had our DNA tested we would find remarkable mixing that reflects that we truly have become one human family, even more than we know.  It is somewhat like a soup.  Once you mix the ingredients together and puree them into the soup, you cannot take them out again.  We are irrevocably mixed together, like it or not.
I have become increasingly aware of the alien invaders in the garden as I learn about insects that we have imported along with the fruits and veggies from Asia and other parts of the world.  Here people talk about the invasive alien trees that were planted here years ago and have threatened native vegetation.  We may as well face it, the mixing that has happened cannot be undone.  It simply is not possible and with the vast numbers of refugees fleeing their homelands, the mixing will only continue.
This piece is from the Changing Year journal for February:
“I dance between the very coldest part of the Kansas winter and the very hottest part of the South African summer.
It’s all one planet and when we see it from the perspective of a miraculous little blue marble,
 we embrace ourselves as all part of one species.
No longer strangers or aliens, we are but one tribe
saving ourselves from becoming one more endangered species.
Let’s hold the biggest perspective we can.
It is the best planet we’ve got.”
Yes, we are in quite a soup now and undoubtedly it is the mixture that gives it such a rich flavor.
Join me in savoring the blend that we are,