CREATIVITY is always the over riding essence that we bring back from South Africa every year. Just look at these amazing S.A.made fabrics we brought back. If I wasn’t still tired I would have my sewing machine out right now!! The colors and patterns in the shop just turned on your creative energies! Also we are filled to the brim by the Faerie Sanctuary we visit each year and bring back new ideas and inspirations for more faerie gardens at TLC! If you want to see that video and hear our stories please join us on the 16th at TLC!
Everywhere we travel in Cape Town and RSE area we see the most creative projects happening. Petro the master quilting teacher in RSE inspires us every time with her wonderful creative ideas and my hands start to itch for a needle and thread.

This surge of creativity gets us back on track every time as we step away and look back at what really truly matters in our world. Yes, we do see poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, an on-going HIV/AIDS pandemic and all of the social struggles that go along with all of that. In the midst of all of that however we do see glimmers of change and hope that are growing. Yes, we get it that Meth will destroy the lives of many but there are so many others with hopes and dreams that we can support and ignite. It is not ours to fix or rescue anyone, we simply ask to be channels of great love in the midst of all of the stories that surround us during our stay. This year our guidance was to seek out what is WORKING and put our energy there to expand it. One could easily become exhausted by the stories of complex struggles and despondency that abound, but it is our work out to not feed energy in that direction. If even a handful of young people are inspired to go all out to bring their unique gifts to our world, it will be a success.

Inspiration is catching and we invite you to get it all over you.
Please join us,
Robin, Martin and Kelly