I started The Light Center with nothing in my pocket. I was following guidance and so did not have and cash reserve or even a business plan. Heck I was a nurse by background and at that time was serving as a hospice chaplain, pretty close to the bottom of the income brackets. Well, actually I had a very cool job as Stress Management Consultant for KC Hospice but was on contract, so the banks were not interested in lending to me. I took everything I could liquidate from my divorce settlement and bought the farm with cash. Yes, I even cashed in my IRA which is why I have no retirement plan. I know all of you pragmatic business minds are cringing. I get that but it never entered my mind to stop moving ahead with my quest to create The Light Center. I had literally heard a voice, like in the Field of Dreams movie, saying “Build The Light Center.” I never questioned that, ever!

For all of these 23+ years I have felt as if I was creating an oasis that functions a bit outside of the American Dream norm. I have never taken a salary from TLC and have poured all of my resources in this old farm, which trust me was a real fixer-upper! Now as I reach my elder years, I am discerning how to build a leadership team to carry this dream into the future. I have lived an unconventional life and have worked in devoted service to Mother Nature. She doesn’t know about “retirement plans” and so as always I learn to create a new model.

The other day I heard that voice again asking me to receive the assistance that is pouring out to me now. The image I saw was of myself on a roller coaster. It felt as if I had been on that anticipatory climb up, up, up. Always building, always climbing upward with a deep sense of preparing for something coming ahead. That’s an o.k. part of a roller coaster ride, but the real thrill is reaching the cusp, throwing up your hands and letting go into the free fall. That is my path now! I am falling into your loving arms, accepting your help and feeling the wind on my face. I am humbled by the enormity of the amazing team forming now and I let go into the blessing of their eagerness to serve. It has been a most amazing ride.

P.S. I am not leaving. I will be the one out there in my overalls picking the blackberries!!!