While this beautiful photo of the Light Center under snow is like a peace of art (Thanks Tom for sharing it).

I am writing this from the little town of Riviersonderend, many miles away from our home at the Light Center. It is summer here, and the children have just started back to school. It is a new school year for them, as their academic year starts in January. It is a fresh start.

As we settled into the new year of 2019, we had our own little white stone ceremony. Many Unity people will know what I am talking about. A white stone ceremony is one where you meditate on the coming year, and in meditation, a word or theme will often come to you. This word can be written on a white stone to remind you of the intention you want to hold for the year.

My word this year was “Freedom”. I am still deciding what that means exactly. Although I know that I want to be free to speak my truth, love freely, and also to create freely. Beyond that, I have many aspects of the concept to explore.

I hope that your intention for the year is holding up thus far. If you haven’t chosen a word for the year, I encourage you to do so. And go to our blog at http://Lovelight.info where I’ll be writing about my white stone, and you can post your white stone word as well.

Raise a glass to freedom…