The Light Center - Baldwin City, KS  The Light Center is a natural sanctuary nestled on 35 wooded acres of sacred space.  It is dedicated to living, learning and growing in partnership with Nature as we adapt to a rapidly changing world.  For twenty years, it has offered a wide range of small group intensive retreats and workshops,  focusing on a variety of ways for spiritual healing and self-development.  Our programs are held in a 120-year- old converted barn located just west of Baldwin City, Kansas featuring many interwoven projects.  We act as an educational permaculture based farm and learning center as well as providing the home of LoveLight, .  TLC is a not-for-profit organization serving as an Alternative Unity Ministry with 501c3 privileges with the IRS under the Unity Worldwide Ministries

Our mission is

Holding sacred space for renewal, globally and locally, The Light Center serves individuals and families seeking wholeness in partnership with Nature

Our vision is

To be a clear channel for healing light to reconnect people to their hearts, that we may live in oneness on the sacred earth.

Our sacred sanctuary in the woods is a cozy space that has all the comforts of home but the isolation and beauty of nature. We host family festivals and activities, communal potlucks and movie screenings, private yoga practice and meditation, or just the stillness of a summer morning.

Our property also includes a hand built sweat lodge, a PacificYurt,  private camping grounds, organic, sustainable gardens and animals, abundant wildlife, and an amazing medicine wheel.

Light Center DanceOur long-time extended and resident community use the light center for offerings such as:Art and Permaculture education with Laura Odell

Healing Touch classes and therapy with Robin Goff, Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor for Healing Beyond Borders.

is our service project in Cape Town and Riviersonderend, South Africa where we are working with our partners there for the empowerment of the youth.  It offers a two way street for personal development that we call “Cross Transformation.”  Each year numerous volunteers travel to S.A. to offer leadership camps for youth based on the International Youth of Unity program.

We rely upon grants, volunteer efforts and donations to help our projects aimed at supporting both our local community and the homeland of us all, Africa. The Light Center and LOVELIGHT thank you for your spiritual and monetary offerings. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Robin_Goff Robin Goff
Spiritual Leader


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