Holding sacred space for renewal globally and locally

seeking wholeness in partnership with Nature

Looking for the Light

Students from Caledon, near to where I am staying, who are part of a marching band. They do not have many resources to work with but manage to place in the top 3 at competitions. These kids don’t read music, they simply play by ear and

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Could We Share the Resources?

I am sitting with a more global perspective of our new president’s message to the world, “America first”. I must wonder whether we could be thinking of the world’s majority population who do not live with

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The Emerging Feminine

Perhaps this week especially it doesn’t look like it, but the old dominant masculine form of power is struggling for its last breath and the feminine aspect of power is surging to claim its equality. Everywhere I look I see signs of male dominant attitudes, that

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Stepping Up to Change

It is easy to declare 2017 The Changing Year and yet with that comes the tough decisions of how and what we must yield to change. We have just completed our Camp Ubuntu this weekend with 32 most amazing youth. Originally the camps

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The Light Center is a natural sanctuary nestled on 35 wooded acres of sacred space. It is dedicated to living, learning and growing in partnership with Nature as we adapt to a rapidly changing world. For twenty years, it has offered a wide range of small group intensive retreats and workshops, focusing on a variety of ways for spiritual healing and self-development. Our programs are held in a 120-year- old converted barn located just west of Baldwin City, Kansas featuring many interwoven projects. We act as an educational permaculture based farm and learning center as well as providing the home of LoveLight, our international outreach to South Africa. TLC is a nonprofit  Alternative Unity Ministry with 501c3 privileges under the umbrella of Unity Worldwide Ministries.

The Light Center


To be a clear channel for healing light to reconnect people to their hearts, that we may live in oneness on the sacred earth.


Holding sacred space for renewal, globally and locally, The Light Center serves individuals and families seeking wholeness in partnership with Nature
Barn Downstairs
Our sacred sanctuary in the woods is a cozy space that has all the comforts of home but the isolation and beauty of nature. We host family festivals and activities, communal potlucks and movie screenings, private yoga practice and meditation, or just the stillness of a summer morning.
Our property also includes a hand built sweat lodge, a PacificYurt, private camping grounds, organic, sustainable gardens and animals, abundant wildlife, and an amazing medicine wheel.
The Yurt

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The Light Center

The Light Center is located at:

1542 Woodson Road
Baldwin City, Kansas 66006

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This place was absolutely incredible! The yurt was beautiful and The Light Center was an all around great place. I got to hike around the property in the mornings and have my own personal bon fire at night. Everyone who works/lives there was incredibly kind to me and very helpful. I would, and already have, recommended this place to all of my friends. If you’re looking for more than just your average airbnb experience, give this a try. You won’t regret it. George (AirBnB)

We had a great stay with a feeling of instant friends and community. The grounds are beautiful. Abundance from the garden and other generosity was ample. It is a place in the deep country. That is something we wanted. The college town of Lawrence is 15 miles away and has everything else. Mark (AirBnB)

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Overnight Stay in Barn-Loft

by Catherine Lightfoot

Overnight Stay in Barn- private room

by Catherine Lightfoot

Overnight stay in Yurt

by Catherine Lightfoot

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